Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Screenshot...more than likely fake

Whether or not it is fake is still unknown! i doubt it is though...looks photoshopped to me. I originally found it over at the macrumors forums, the source of it is unknown right now but i will get back with an update asap. tbh...i hate it haha, it's a poor photoshop fake..the wallpaper isn't even new, the audience are clearly photoshopped's just bad imo. have your say, leave a comment.


Algernon said...

i say i is real; the feature presented here is just awesome.

Havent read the macforums, but only Apple could figure out somthing this clever. I have been waiting for this... haha... Apple fans, 'analysts' and others did not see this coming..

Algernon said...

Did some googling, this was a part of fake leopard screenshot contest